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Trials Fusion Review: The Good, The Bad, The Money.

trials fusion head

Trials Fusion, the sequel to Trials Evolution, is a arcade motorcycle racing game like any Trials game but with next-gen improvements on all aspects of the game

The next-gen sequel of Trials Evolution, Trials Fusion, has received a lot of improvements with increased graphical power, a lot of different environments, more physics, new biker and bike customization, new vehicle types, and now with actual physics stunt tricks.

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The Good

Beautiful looking environments/tracks, great gameplay with different types of vehicles with unique properties, nice vehicle and character customization, fun multiplayer, fun hidden mini-games to play through, easy to enjoyable to extremely difficult levels to finish, and great voice acting.

The Bad

Minor graphical issues in the tutorial sections of the game, a story element (voice-overs) cuts off when re-spawning at checkpoint.

The Money

Trials Fusion will cost you 20 dollars on all platforms, and i can definitely say that this game is well worth it for what you get and what you will get in terms of user-generated content.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to Ubisoft for providing us a copy of Trials Fusion, the game is as hard, and as fun and frustrating as the Trials game before it, it has everything what made Trials Evolution good and it makes it better while adding more content and variety of different tracks to go through, which to be honest, we find it very refreshing to see a lot of different environments in the game compared to the Trials before it, and the addition of the new tricks system makes it even more fun.


The Game To Have 6/6

New 15 Minute Gameplay of The Old City

The Old City, an interactive story that, from what we have understood, fights against the idea of “Gameplay first, other aspects later” and the shields itself from the people who says what’s a game and what’s not. The developers love story/lore, and more so if it’s an interactive media, and they study the word ‘Game’ and its origins, and what people have defined that word before and now, and from there they make an interactive story game with basic, simple game functions, and that hopefully silence the people who argue what is or isn’t a game.

Watching the gameplay trailer reminds us of Dear Esther a lot, with some of the atmospheric elements that make Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and we’re happy to see another game with a focus, if not all the focus, on story, lore, and narative elements. The Old City is coming out on PC.

Unboxing – Nvidia Shield


With the Sale of Nvidia Shield of becoming 100$ Cheaper, we were able to get the Nvidia Shield and we have to say that this device is like lovely emulator device and lovely device to stream and play PC Games just how the Sony PS4 With the Vita but just better in terms of streaming.

Below is the quick unboxing video of the Nvidia Shield

Sadly the Nvidia Shield does not come with a pair of headphones/headsets or built in camera which could have worked for video chatting nor does it come with a Nvidia Shield Cleaning cloth having it would be a nice add-on.

     IMG_1727 IMG_1729

     IMG_1726 IMG_1728

Overall for the unboxing was great the device the box it self felt premium and the charger also is very nice but sadly like i stated there was no headset/headphones + a official Nvidia Shield cleaning cloth  would have been really a big plus to add with the Sheild.

Game Shock – Time Rifters Beta Preview

Game Shock

Time Rifters, a single-player first person shooter co-op game, and how this works in this game is that you play a level four times to finish, but when you finish it the first time, your actions are recorded and is reproduced in the second time you finish the level and so on until there is three of you plus yourself at the fourth time you play the level, and what every you do, even purchase weapons or upgrades, will happen again.

We didn’t actually read anything about the game before we tried it, the art style of the game was so beautiful we just had to play it right away, and when we started playing it, we finished the first level one time then re-spawned to do it again, and we were confused as to why this happened, and not only that but we noticed another player next to us, and we were like “wait.. multiplayer? awesome!” and then there was three players then four, and then we realised on the next four part level that it was us doing the same actions before then we though “oh.. still awesome!” and then we decided that this game does the best single-player co-op game out there.

New Child of Light Trailer

This new trailer for Child of Light is showcasing the world of Lemuria, the world of which the game takes place in, and one thing you would notice is that she isn’t always a child. You can download and watch a high quality HD 1080p at 60 Here which is recommended.

Child of Light is coming out on the 30th of April on PC, PS4/PS3 , XBOne/XB360, and Wii U.

Game Shock – Trials Fusion Preview

Game Shock

Trials Fusion, the sequel of Trials Evolution, or rather the next-gen sequel of it, with increased graphical power, a lot of different environments, more physics, new biker and bike customization, new vehicle types, and now with actual physics stunt tricks. The game is a major step up from the original game and we are having a blast playing it, having fun doing stunt tricks, lucky landings, and horribly failing and laughing at it.

The game comes out on April 16th on both the PS4 and XBone, while the PC version comes out on the 24th.

The Hong Kong Massacre Prototype Trailer Released

The Hong Kong Massacre just got its first gameplay trailer, think Hotline Miami but without the acid graphical effects, add a lot of gore and a cool Hong Kong mafia theme too it and you get this. A violent action filled top-down shooter set in Hong Kong. Inspired by classic Hong Kong action movies the game is filled with dual pistols, gun smoke and bloodshed, And after watching the prototype gameplay trailer, we want to play the game now. Still no release date but the game is coming out on PC for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Game Shock – Garbage Day Preview

Game Shock

Garbage Day, a game inspired by the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ in which you wake up and go on with your daily life, but find out that every time you wake up it’s the same exact day all over again. Realising this you can do whatever you want with no consequences.

The game is still in very early alpha so at the moment there isn’t really anything much to do aside from what you make of it, you got guns and a knife, go on a killing spree and have fun with their dead bodies, like putting them in a garbage can then putting it on the middle of the road so cars can hit it. This is a neat and fun idea and i hope the developers behind Garbage Day add more fun stuff to do and hopefully more character interactions with fun & weird dialogue to go through without caring for the results since there is no consequences, also you can shoot yourself which is extremely satisfying.

KickStarter Saturday – Source

Source, an action-packed single-player arcade adventure game with a beautiful art style, and what looks like fun gameplay and great looking puzzles coming out for PC, PS4, XBONE. You play as a firefly-like creature that’s the last of its kind, and what we like about it is that, as described, if you die, you are reborn and re-hatched, sometimes into a more advanced creature with new abilities, better powers and improved wings.

As described on the KickStarter page, Source will offer a unique, atmospheric art-style and visual effects, a vast world to explore, secret items and hidden areas to discover, character upgrade system with reincarnation of players, and much more. If you like what you saw, read and heard about the game and want to support it, go to their KickStarter page and give them your support.

Game Shock – Road Redemption Preview

Game Shock

Road Redemption is the sequel, the remastered, the remake, the return of the classic motorcycle combat-racing gameplay, pioneered by the Road Rash series and taking it to the next level. The game has insane crashes, destructible environments, aggressive AI, funny ragdoll physics, and online multiplayer (the MP is not in the game yet).

We absolutely love the game and we can’t wait to see it launch with all of its content and features out, right now you just race and kill other racers by bashing the f*** out of them, and try not to get bashed yourself while avoiding incoming traffic.