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Oort Online Announced, Where Minecraft Meets Beauty

Ooart Online is an online multiplayer sandbox game that’s set in a massive universe where you explore, build, fight and survive its universe. The game is being developed by former Lionhead and EA developers, and they go by the name of Wonderstruck.

in-game-1 in-game-2 in-game-7 in-game-9 in-game-12 in-game-16 in-game-20 in-game-23

So in the game you’ll be able to explore huge numbers of different worlds, each with unique appearances, resources, real players and their creations. Each world is populated by vicious and varied creatures known as The Protectors, where you can engage them in a fight alone or with friends to be rewarded with experience and loot. Everyone plays in the same universe, and you can build anything, anywhere, from Portals to Palaces, and keep your creations safe using Beacons. Going through those portals, you will find other players, their creations, monuments, shops, cities and guilds.

Hopefully we will have more info and videos of the games development. The game needs help in funding in a Kickstarter-like fashion, and you can do so by going to their website where they have different versions of pledges with different perks.

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Top Greenlight Picks

KSalue greenlightSteam Greenlight picks! Every now and then we’ll pick some Greenlight games (or software) with short first impressions of what’s been picked to hopefully help them get the greenlight from Valve and appear on Steam. Here’s our choices for today:

Enterchained, a what seems like a nice coop fighting arena game with a nice art-style.

Superior Tactics 2, never played the first one but it looks like a good space RTS with fun explosive colors.

Sam Clyph: Private Eye, looks like heavy detective noir stuff with minimalistic blocky style.

Time To Robbery, if Payday 2 and Unturned had a babby.

Quadrant, a horror game with a lot of nice narration.

Perturbia, a game good for let’s players to get scarred in and solve puzzles, in this case fuse boxes?

Jotun, looks absolutly gorgeous and epic, a 2D adventure kind of game.

Stikbold, a fun dodge ball game where you need to smash your friends in the face!

Crest, a god game where you see your people evolve and change your commands to fit their own benefits.

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Game Shock – Critical Mass Tech Demo Preview

Game Shock

Critical Mass, a top-down voxel-based shooter with an engine that’s gorgeous with it’s nice shading and its voxel destruction. This game is a tech demo to check if everything is working in order for the developers main game called Ground State, But seeing as how the game got a lot of attention, there may still be hope for this kick-ass game to continue getting development support.

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A New League Of Legends Cinematic Video

And there you have it, a new League Of Legends cinematic video from Riot Games titled ‘A New Dawn’, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Every time they make a new cinematic it always looks more awesome than the last one. Improving the graphical detail, animations..etc. Heck I’d put it up there with Blizzard and Square Enix level of quality.

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OddWorld: New ‘n’ Tasty Review

OddWold: New ‘n’ Tasty is a single-player platformer that’s a remake of the beloved classic PlayStation / PC game Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysse. With 1080p at 60fps, it’s a re-imagining with the great tech of today.

In New ‘n’ Tast you play as Abe, a lovable creature that’s out to save himself from slavery and being eaten, and on the way save all the slaves he can. Explore ancient ruins, dodge deadly beasts that’s out to kill or eat you, and avoid trigger-happy hunting parties.

o1 o2 o3 o4

The Good

Good graphics with mostly smooth 60fps. Funny dialog with a good story, and some parts of the story you don’t get but it’s interesting and funny nonetheless. Fun little ‘do what i do’ puzzles and ‘what’s the password puzzles’. Good gameplay with nice change of pace from normal movement, to funny stealth mechanics, to fast paced ride on your mount and speed finish the level. Also fun coop with your buddy to play and do fart jokes.

The Bad

You can’t restart a level, so if you’re stuck in a level and would want to restart that level from the begging, you can’t and would have to restart the whole chapter. Controls are sluggish, and so because of it some levels are annoyingly hard to finish since you need tight movement to get past some of the obstacles.

The Money

OddWold: New ‘n’ Tasty will cost you 30 dollars on PSN, and seeing how seeing how long the game is, plus having fun with the coop mode, plus the nostalgia level is pretty high and awesome, it’d say go for it. Worth the purchase.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for Oddworld Inhabitants Inc for providing us with a copy of the game. First off i want to say that the game’s story rhymes better than Child of Light, that’s just personal preference. But anyway, having played the original OddWorld game’s, New ‘n’ Tasty is a blast from the past, with pretty much everything from original game, in terms of gameplay features, characters, and the humor is all there. With new features like ridding a mount, unless i forgot you can do that in the original. But some levels were a pain to finish because of the not so precise controls. Overall though the game is a must buy for fans of the original.


The Game To Play 5/6

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A Golden Wake Hands-on Preview

A Golden Wake, a retro-styled point-and-click adventure game coming to PC this fall. It’s being developed by Grundislav Games who made Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator, and Wadjet Eye Games who brought us the Blackwell series, which is a great series, especially the closing chapter Blackwell Epiphany that we reviewed here.

You play as hopeful entrepreneur named Alfie Banks, where you’ll try to point and click your way to fame and fortune with the mob on your back, the Great Depression on the horizon, and Florida’s lucrative waterfront just one hurricane away from total devastation.

a1 a2 a3 a4

So going into the preview, the game is set in the 1920′s and at the beginning i was in New York where i had to talk to the characters around me to know about about them and checking on their background, and a little bit after getting some knowledge of the game’s world and it’s characters, the game presented me with a hard choice right off the bat which was kind of interesting to see one so early in the game. After that decision was made, one thing led to another i saw myself working for some big-shot as a real-estate guy selling some land in Miami where the population is increasing at an extreme rate, and so getting a job when there’s a boom in population was best choice any one would make at the time. And after a couple of years passing by, the land was at a great state, but all good things come to end, and pretty much everything went downhill. After some major downfall in the city, i found myself choosing to work as a gang member, but as it turns out it was too much to handle and was left in a state where depression and not knowing what to do next, pretty much like the city. There’s more to tell but it’s safe to stop here to avoid any spoilers.

As usual, the voice acting in the game is great, with the same mechanics that we’ve seen in the Blackwell series, and with the same great music from it too. The game’s look isn’t to my taste, but it does capture the scene/world it presents you with, alive and full of character.

A Golden Wake is coming out this fall on PC.

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Game Shock – Defensive Grid 2 Beta Preview

Game Shock

Defensive Grid 2 is tower defensive game, the sequel to the original Defensive Grid, that stays true to it’s mechanics, and well, it’s a tower defensive game what can i say? it’s a good one that’s for sure, and it’s gorgeous to look at too. With nice new ways to change the map level up a bit in certain times in the story mode. When it launches it will have online modes (not sure if coop or pvp or both) and a level editor with Steam workshop, so that’s a boost in replayability. For what it is i had fun playing it, and so if you like DG1 then you will like DG2.

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We LOVE Futurama, heck we memorized every episode, and there is one person out there with the talent to make a fan cry in joy. A 3D (game) designer, and animator actually made the world of Futurama in 3D, and it looks absolutely fan-f***ing-tastic!

Also pictures!

f2 f3 f4 f5

f6 f7 f8 f1

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Game Shock – Ninja Pizza Girl Pre-alpha Preview

Game Shock

Ninja Pizza Girl is a side-scrolling Mirror’s Edge like platformer with a story to tell about bullying, emotional resilience, and pizza delivering ninjas apparently, which is pretty awesome. The actual base idea of the game came from real life where a young girl was learning kung fu and delivering pizzas, hence ‘Ninja Pizza Girl’. So far so good the game plays great and somehow appealing, and it kind of does give off a Mirror’s Edge feeling, which is great.

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