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PS Vita Price’s Released For Dubai

Sony Today Official Stated out the price for the PS vita along with the price range of Memory Cards and Games PS vita Price is 1149 That’s about 85-87KD for the Wifi version, seeing that PS Vita in the U.S is 70KD and in UK 99KD, i think Kuwait price of the vita would be from 80-100KD ? if not i’ll pay  a visit to
As for the Memory price’s not much a big difference than the U.S

Here’s  The info

Launch date: Feburary 22, 2012
- WiFi-only model – AED 1,149
- WiFi + 3G model – AED 1,499 (no partnership with Etisalat and Du for 3G package yet; Sony said they will announce something soon)
- Games – from AED 129 to AED 199
- Memory Cards – from AED 99 to AED 349 (we are assuming from 4GB to 32GB; accessories were not detailed)

Launch titles:
- Golden Abyss
- Everybody’s Golf
- Reality Fighters
- Little Deviants
- Wipeout 2048
- Modnation Racers
- Hustle Kings
- Escape Plan
- Top Darts
-  Rayman Origins
- Marvel vs. Capcom 3
- FIFA Football
- Unit 13

The Playstation Vita will come bundled with 6 Wide-Area Augmented Reality (WAAR) cards. There will be more than half a dozen of WAAR-supported games available for free at launch to download from the PSN Store.

Sad new’s that gravity Rush was not in the launch titles although it was confirmed a release for the U.S

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  • Hmmm 85 kd without multiplayer
    I think im sticking to my xbox

    Unless it reachs 60~55 kd
    I will buy it diffenetly

    Also still needs a bigger game collection


    January 16, 2012

  • There is Multiplayer on Vita as i’v read on many reviews

    dude the PSP is still with in that price range 40-60KD

    have u not noticed that it’s lunching so many game’s ? more than the 3ds did


    January 16, 2012

  • i didnt say the 3ds was worth buying when it launched
    and its 249$ in amazon AT launch
    thats about 65 kd

    it will drop to 199$ in few month
    that 55 kd

    about the mp thingy

    i saw a review on ign that it support indirect mp
    like you shoot someone and when they login they shoot back

    mafia warz kinda stuff

    maybe some games have real mp i dont know

    BTW did u see the resident evil game on the 3ds
    it looks amazing “console quality game”


    January 17, 2012

  • ah >.< ” i hate Resident Evil games :P


    January 18, 2012

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